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Summer 2017 Training Program

Welcome to the Springfield Marathon long distance training program.  Start dates and training schedules will be announced by April 2nd.

Some general information:

The link to the blog where routes, times and location posted is

  • 26.2 mile Marathon Training starts mid June
  • 19.65 mile 3/4 Marathon Training starts early July
  • 13.1 mile Half Marathon Training starts mid July
  • 6.55 mile Quarter Marathon Training starts early August

The target event date is October 15th.  All training schedules will be aligned with that end date.  If you plan to train with us and run another event you are responsible for adjusting your mileage to align with your event date.  In general I break up the route so you can make adjustments easily.

Weekend group long runs will be on Sunday mornings starting at 7am (sometimes 6am for extra long runs or when the temperatures run high by mid morning).

Most all runs will begin and end at one of the following locations:  South of HyVee in front of the Board of Elections Bldg.; Panera West at Wabash and West White Oaks Dr.

Registration fee will include:  Water stops along the routes with water and Gatorade;  Sports Gel’s for the longer runs; discount coupons for local running stores; special registration rates for the Springfield Marathon.

What can you do between now and the training program?    The foundation of any training program is a good diet.  Also if you have a few pounds to lose best to try to shed that weight prior to your training if you can.  Once you start long distance training you’ll be craving carbs and in my experience that usually means weight gain.  I’ve seen many runners pack on the weight in the last trimester of training for a marathon unless they can keep the carb loading down.

Based on the advice of the low carb high fat doctors, the best way to lose weight no matter what you prefer to eat or who you are is intermittent fasting.  The most common way to shed pounds doing intermittent fasting is eating your daily meals in an 8 hour window and fasting for 16 hours.  You can shed pounds fast that way as long as you don’t “carb-up” with the wrong foods during the eating phase.  Another common way to do intermittent fasting is fasting once or twice a week from dinner to dinner.   There are other ways to fast but these two are the easiest (see intermittent fasting link above for more ideas).

If you want to watch a good presentation on the benefits of intermittent fasting watch Dr. Jason Fung’s videos on YouTube.